Nancy Clayton

I started my tax preparation career in 1981 and have been doing taxes ever since. I have taken accounting classes, continually taken income tax classes, and belong to organizations that help me help my clients. I believe that being an Income Tax Professional involves much more than just data entry once a year! It requires dedication, compassion, and a year-round commitment to my clients and their financial situations. I am a member of the national Association of Tax Practitioners and Vermont Tax Practitioners Association, as well as Accountants Tax Talk Today.

Louisette Belanger

I have been preparing income tax returns for over 20 years and it has been, and is, a very fulfilling career. I enjoy meeting new people every year as well as seeing my loyal clients once again! Over the years I have built up my expertise with the numerous classes I've taken: Rental Properties, Self-employment, Corporation, Estate and Partnership, Foreign Income, and Non-resident returns. I am bilingual and greatly enjoy speaking French with some of my clients. Being close to the Canadian border, makes this skill more frequently needed. Nancy and I worked together for many years before she started Tax-Pros. And, now, once again, we are a multi-faceted team. Missisquoi River